Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday Selections

Sunday Selections, brought to us by Kim, of Frogpondsrock, is an ongoing theme where participants post previously unused photos languishing in their files.

Anyone can join in, just post your photos under the Sunday Selections title, link back to Kim, then add your name to her Linky list at Frogpondsrock.

And for something completely different I am going back to Antarctica, because I was going through the photos again yesterday and remembered how much I loved it there.  If I was to win the lottery (unlikely because I don't buy tickets) I would be back in a heartbeat.  As it is I hug the memories to myself.

Adelie Penguin

Baby King Penguin in its first moult

King Penguin rookery

Female Elephant Seals

Gentoo Penguin

King penguin

Gentoo Penguin grooming

Magellan Penguins

Chinstrap Penguins


  1. How exciting to have this experience. Your photos of the penguins are fantastic. I'm sorry you had a problem with the Today's Flowers link. I'm not sure why but this sometimes happens though it is open to all. I noticed last week's photos are still showing and hopefully soon the new one will start and hopefully take care of this problem. If it doesn't please let me know and I will get in touch with Luiz.

  2. OMG...I soooooooooo envy you! I have wanted to go to Antarctica my whole entire life!!!! Well...okay since I was about 6. Absolutely BRILLIANT photos.

  3. OMG!! That is my dream!!! To visit Antarctica.

    When I was living in South America, we travelled to Ushuaia (the capital of Tierra Del Fuego, on the southernmost tip of the continent). It's the place where you begin your trip to Antarctica. So we met many, many travellers who were headed to the South Pole. A surprising number were Australian. Perhaps it's something to do with coming from such a hot, dry continent.

    Anyway, it ignited a dream for me. One day...

  4. Denise, Karen, Mrs Catch. Go! It was absolutely amazing. Fiendishly expensive and, as I said, I would do it again in a heart beat. Despite vile sea sickness. Heaven on a stick.

  5. Wow - this is one of my dream destinations! Such wonderful photos of one of the most amazing places left on earth.

  6. Fantastic photos of just about every Penguin in the Antarctica, i especially like the 2nd last photo of the ice arch and its reflection that resembles a gaping mouth :-).

  7. I would have loved the chance to visit Antarctica but I doubt I will ever get there now. Not just the cost, but this old body. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos. I am so glad you had the chance to enjoy and maybe just maybe, one day you will get there again. xxx

  8. ladyfi: It was so clean, so vast and so beautiful.

    Windsmoke: Thanks - the ice sculptures were just out of this world.

    Kakka: Perhaps we can both dream of it. I am not certain my body is up to a return visit. My heart yes, the body ...?

  9. I so enjoy a stickybeak at your penguin photos.

  10. That first Adelie penguin is so cute!
    I had no idea there were so many different types of penguin.

  11. Oh wow times two! Oh wow over your photos and oh wow over the fact that you've visited Antarctica! I am enchanted by the penguins and awed by the scenery. I especially love those fluffernut King Penguin babies (did you not want to pick up each and every one of them for a cuddle?!), and would like to trade a day in my life for that of a female Elephant seal. Those girls have got it right! :-) Did you have a favorite among the penguin species you got to see? Those three brown babies in the third photo look like badass juvenile delinquents hanging out in the high school smoker's area. LOL

    The blue ice of the glaciers has an eerie beauty. The photo second from the bottom is my favorite - that looks like a calendar shot. (BW was looking at these with me, as captivated as I, and told me that he learned in AF survival school that the glacial blue ice is so old that most of the salt has leached from it and though brackish, could be drunk in a survival situation. Just thought I'd pass that along in case it might come in handy someday!) :-)

    I don't know how anyone can look at photos like these and ever want to participate in any way in mucking up our beautiful planet. *sigh*

  12. Oh, EC these are fabulous photos - you could be a promotions person for Antarctica tourism, as it seems no one can look at your photos and feel your special enthusiasm for this place without wanting to go themselves, whether or not it's been a lifelong dream! Penguins! Nuff said. Thanks for this post.

  13. Hi EC,

    Great photos. I would love to go to Antarctica.




  14. Mitzi: Thanks - I was feeling a bit self indulgent posting photos of Antarctica AGAIIN.

    River: Loved them all, and there are more types than I captured on film, and some types I didn't put up this time. More than I knew before I went.

    Laloofah: Incredible place. The first explorers thought that the baby King Penguins were a different species because they look so different. Super cute.

    Two Tigers: What a compliment from you. Happy snaps.

    PM: Do it. Magical, magical place.

  15. Oh wow! What amazing photos! The penguins are, of course, extremely cute, but the landscapes are amazing. I can't even imagine what an amazing experience this was, aside from the visual feast! :)

  16. Penguins!!!!!! I love the penguins!! And the lounging seals and beautiful glaciers! Keep posting 'em! They're wonderful! The kinds of photos that stay with you after looking.

  17. WOW! You went to Antactica??? I have never known anyone who did that. And I fell in love with each and every penguin you showed...who doesn't like penguins, anyway? They are the Bon-Bons of the Arctic life forms! (Can't eat just one...no, wait..that's just wrong)

    Thanks for posting these. I hope you win the Lottery and can go back! I don't think I have the guts for all of that cold...but now, I'm tempted, for sure.

  18. P.S.... you know this is really Spectra, right? sheesh...the trouble we have crossing back and forth between wordpress!

  19. such an excellent and cold show!
    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >


  20. These all invoked a huge "Awwwww, Ooooooohhhh, wow..." Gorgeous. Thanks.

  21. Superb photographs. Every one a winner!

  22. Hoping you are feeling ok.
    Feeling for you, if you are not.
    Best wishes.

  23. Wow these photos are beautiful! I love the different stages of the penguins....Did not know how different they are. Your other photos are gorgeous too.

  24. Sorry, I have got a bit slack in responding to comments. Thank you all. It was truly beautiful and the dread disease meant that I wasn't cold either. It has to have some benefits.

    Frances: still sore, but trying to whinge less. Thanks for your good wishes.

  25. Oh do whinge, EC. Rail against the fates. Shake your fists at the sky.
    (Please don't feel that you have to respond)