Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Insanity coming my way

I think for the next little while I will be largely absent from the blogosphere.  I also know that I will miss you all.  Blogging has been a safety valve for me, and is surprisingly addictive.

If the hospital does not reschedule again the Smaller Portion will have his colostomy reversed next Tuesday.  Hopefully.  His surgeon has flagged again that an ileostomy might be necessary as an interim measure.  I hope not.  I really hope not.  Not least because the Smaller Portion has assumed that it wont be.

We are told that it is a significant operation and will require an incision bigger than the first.  Regardless of the outcome, when he gets home he will be unable to drive and unable to lift anything which weighs more than one kilogram (which includes the cats).  These restrictions will be in place for about six weeks.  Fun times.

His sister said that she would like to come down.  I said that she would be of most help to us when he gets out of hospital - he does convalescence really, really badly.  So this afternoon the Smaller Portion told me that she will be arriving on Sunday, on a one-way ticket.

She is house proud.  The ambience of this house is cluttered and dusty.  We have been using the spare room as a depository for things which we don't have a home for.  Aaaaargh.  And Jazz, toad of a cat that he is, has taken to inappropriate piddling.  Cluttered, dusty and ponging of cat piss.  Joy and bliss.

I have Lifeline on Thursday (and am not prepared to give it up).  The Smaller Portion wants things to be pleasant for his sister, and does not want her to work while she is down here - 'She is coming down as a favour'.  So I have three days to work miracles.  Including shampooing the carpet.  When the three of us are in residence there will be three different diets to cater for.  More joy and bliss.

And now to add to the mixture.  We have had a lot of rain this summer.  Blessed rain.  Everything has grown and there is green all around.  The weeds have also grown very well.  Last week while starting the mammoth weed-a-thon I discovered that the wet season had caused some of the many bulbs we put in last year to rot.  Not a problem.  I love bulb catalogues (and refer to them as garden porn).  I happily went on line and ordered lots.  (Clicking on this image will enlarge it.)  I ordered 100 each of the marked collections.

Then the Smaller Portion got in on the act.   And ordered about another 400 bulbs - a lovely selection of tulips and iris and hyacinths.  The daffodils have arrived.  And need to go in the garden soon. Very soon for the ones that are sprouting.   The tulips and other bulbs should arrive next week.  I am still have signficant pain, difficulties in bending, and cannot get to the ground and back up again.  Woe, woe and thrice woe.  Sometimes I think I am loopy.  Other days I know it.


  1. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that all goes well.

  2. Maybe you could get the sister to help plant bulbs. I hope her visit doesn't stress you out too much. And I hope all goes well with the surgery. It all sounds a bit overwhelming.

    I'll miss you and hope you can sneak in some quiet time for yourself during the next few weeks. (((HUGS)))

  3. Oh my! You do sound busy and a little (lot?) overwhelmed! Well listen - take it easy on yourself. Only do what you feel you can do. If the cat pee doesn't get cleaned up or all the daffodils don't get planted, gee, that's too bad. Best of luck with the Smaller Portion. I sincerely hope things go well for him. Hugs and very, very best wishes to you all. Even that "toad of a cat" Jazz. oxo

  4. O EC I don't know where to start . . . I wish I could help in someway.
    Don't worry about the house, I know that's easy said when people are coming to stay - But you have enough to deal with without "Spring cleaning". Let her be house proud, you don't have to be.
    Smaller Portion wants things to be "pleasant" (not perfect) for his sister, if you over-do it she'll be looking after both of you.
    How is she at planting bulbs? I know SP doesn't want her to "work" whilst she is with you but lending a hand isn't working . . . Its helping.
    I hope all goes well for SP in hospital, I do feel for you and know it must be a worrying time.
    I will miss you so much . . . I always look for your comment, and it's always there . . . Thankyou.
    I look forward to you coming back with good news on SP and his recovery, wonderful photographs of your garden (complete with planted bulbs) and lots of tales of Jazz and Jewel.
    Mostly, take good care of yourself. I'll be thinking of you and will say a special prayer for SP and you.
    If you get time (?) maybe a teeny up-date? . . . Thanks for all your kind words and support and can't wait to see your Blog title on my "new posts". Take care. Hugs and love, Bugerlugs.

  5. oh, dear. that's some serious 'collision of forces' that has descended upon you - wish i were a little closer, because a a minimum, i'd help scrub that room and plant those bulbs...

    you can only cover so much of the turf, and the single most important thing is getting The Smaller Portion through his surgery, and through a safe recovery period -- without doing physical harm to yourself. I would like to think the sister-in-law will understand this, as she is coming to help... Good luck! We'll be here when you come back!

  6. Best of luck to you on all fronts. I'm sure all will go smoothly and life will be back to normal soon.

  7. Oh my, life is really piling up on you. Other than his sister, is there anybody else who you can turn to for support? Also, since his sister is coming to help, allow her to do so, and don't take it all on yourself.

    I hope everything will go well for you all in the next few months.

  8. My fingers will be crossed for Smaller Portion's quick and long-term recovery and that your sister-in-law is a 'doer' and not a sitter who expects to be waited on.

    Hopefully, if she really wants to 'help', she'll help YOU too.

  9. eek! you are going to be one busy woman!

    here's to hoping SP comes home with no more bags and that surgery is a huge success.... as for the rest of it... yes it is a lot of stuff to do....but i agree with the others... SIL coming to visit, she can help. nothing wrong with that... SP doesn't want her to do anything - she'll get bored and then other things will arise... let her help! (any students or others you could get to come help with the clean up process? they work cheap around here)

    she surely knows what she's coming to do... and if you try to undertake all that is on the plate, well, you won't be worth much during SP's recovery...

    you first... as selfish as that seems... you first... without you, none of the rest will matter.... SP second naturally... house and SIL last...those bulbs! get them planted woman!!! :)

    xoxo take care and i look forward to hearing how you come through this ...

  10. Well, you've got a time ahead of you that's for sure. It's good that you've got someone coming to help with your significant other. If he's inclined to be crusty when recuperating the presence of his sister in the house may keep that in check. Just relax about the house. She'll be concentrating on her brother.
    We'll miss you and be thinking about you and just think of the stories you will have to tell when you are able to return to us.

  11. Thank you so much for letting me know about your situation. The one thing you didn't mention is whether SIL is going to be helpful for a hindrance. I will be thinking of you and looking forward to the time I will hear how it all went. Lots of fingers and toes crossed for a good outcome. And I will miss you...

  12. lots of love Sue. Will be thinking of you.

    Ohh those bulbs!! can't wait for their bloom and your photos!

    lots of love, gemma xxx

  13. "...three different diest to cater for."
    Here's a suggestion - let the smaller portions sister cook for herself? At least some of the time. I do hope his recovery time isn't too hard on you both.

    So now you've got 600+ bulbs to go in? Wow!
    The display when they bloom is going to be stunning.

  14. I shall miss you, and am sending hugs and healing thoughts your way for both of you. Also that the sister will be more help than burden.
    I've heard that gardening is good ... it makes it easier when you hide the bodies. ;p
    Take care of you.

  15. Oh dear EC, your plate runneth over! Although I do understand your feelings about having a house proud SIL in your home, I say, take care of the cat piddle and forget about the rest! If she is that disturbed over the condition of your dwelling, let her take care of it. She is there to HELP after all.

    I hope things go well for SP and recovery time is not too long. Remember to take care of yourself, if you don't you will be the one that needs to recuperate.

    600 bulbs! Wow, I hope your SIL likes gardening.

    I willbe thinking of you, and I wish you and SP the best of luck during this difficult time.


  16. Good Grief, you do have piles to shovel through. I will miss you. But know you're in my thoughts while you go through this Herculean task. All good thoughts and wishes for the Smaller Portion's speedy and cheerful recovery. I hope everything goes the very best it can. Including dealing with his sister's visit. And hey, the gardening is a great excuse to get away from them. You'll have lots of stories on the other side of it all. Til then, take care. We'll be here when you come back.

  17. I truly believe that if it were not for houseguests, I would never give my home a proper cleaning - that is the blessing and curse of people coming to visit!

    You do sound overwhelmed. Best wishes for the success of SP's procedure and recovery - may it be easy on you both. At least you have the garden to cheer you, even if it means hard work and pain just like everything else worthwhile!

    The blogosphere will be just a little less bright without you. Sending much love your way.

  18. Best wishes and good fortune getting to the end of this adventue. It sounds to me like a full plate of chores for the sister coming to help.

  19. We will miss you from the blogosphere...but understand it. I want the house to be clean when anyone comes over but??

  20. Dear EC,
    As my mom used to say, "It never rains but it pours." And so you seem to be in a sort of torrential downpour right now. I hope that this turns into a drizzle and then into a sunny day as the next few weeks pass and your husband feels better and your sister-in-law accepts that you choose to live one way in your home and she chooses another.

    I already look forward to the postings you will do when you return. Please. Please. Do take care of yourself in the midst of this torrent of metaphorical rain.


  21. I will really miss you here. Prayers for a speedy recovery for SP. Please try to take it easy so that you don't end up down yourself. If the house doesn't get clean so be it...oh well let her deal with it. She is there to visit, and "help". That is a lot of bulbs. But it will be gorgeous when all done! Please let us know how everything is going. We are here to give you encouragement and support. Prayers said for all to go well and remember to take care of yourself. Hugs, Teresa

  22. When we have visitors - any visitors, no matter how much we love them- we look at each other and lament the need to tidy up. It's thoroughly inconvenient and messes up the smooth running of our wildly, untidy, cluttered, dusty lives. Not to mention the propensity of one or two of them to clean up after us and sort out the 'use-by' dates on our favourite jars of jam and chutney. So we feel for you re sister's visit and hope you wont need to resort to staying in serviced apartments to find some peace.

    Seriously... we feel for you and SP as you face the next bit of what sounds like a longer ordeal. Hang in there.. we hope it goes to plan, if not better than expected. And take with you our best wishes and love... see you on the other side.... Love C&C

  23. my view is his sister is coming to help you - otherwise why come? - and will not be expecting a rest. If your funds could run to it I would seriously get in a cleaning firm in for a one-off clean. I know people who did it before selling their house. A little team couple in for a few hours and do it ALL. They will come first and quote you for the job.
    Good luck and hope to see you back in blog land soon!

  24. Best wishes to the Smaller Portion and we'll await your return when your ready of course :-).

  25. I wish I could help you, but we're on opposite sides of the world. And how strange that seems...!
    I hope the sister will be helpful and not a hindrance! Take care of YOU, too, because you're important!!

  26. Sounds like a tough row to hoe in your near future (both of you). I sincerely wish you the best through it all. Take care!

  27. Best wishes to the SP for a recovery, but in all fairness I think the insanity is his for thinking that you can pull all these rabbits out of a hat and then not fall over them. Bugger the spare room, just clear a path to the bed, spray some air freshener and let her cope. If she's that houseproud she'll be cleaning as she goes anyway -- she won't be able to help herself even if you do clean -- so look after yourself and your health first, or you won't be any good to help SP once she leaves. xxx

  28. Oh my, such trials and tribulations. I do so hope that all is better, very soon. And know that the positive therapy that is blogging and the great blogging community wish you the very best during any sabbatical.
    In kindness, Gary

  29. We shall all miss you greatly. Good luck to you and the SP - may he recover quickly and well. As for SIL - I like Ampersand Duck's suggestions. Think of that bulb display next spring - you and the SP will get so much joy out of it!

    Hugs from NZ

  30. Best of luck with all this; it is the proverbial downpour. I would second the motion to get a cleaner in if you can afford it, even if it's just to do the spare room or even the carpet. Nothing like cat pee to spice up the ambiance! Is your husband able to help you empty out the things that are in there? Just chuck it into boxes, laundry baskets, suitcases or large plastic bags, and stack it out of the way and deal with it later. (Can you tell I've done this a few times myself?) Do a box, take a break, do a box, take a break, etc.

    As to the sprouting bulbs, I have read that putting them in cold storage (not freezing) such as the refrigerator will slow down their growth and give you more time before you need to deal with them. Er, this is assuming you have room in your fridge for them...

    Good luck with everything, especially the health issues - both yours and his. That is the really important thing. All else is just "druthers".

    (You know, "I'd druther not have company sleep in a stinky room", that kind of thing. Not sure if that's just a North American saying.) Hoping all goes well.

  31. Oh what a nightmare!!!! You should take this time to take a vacation! Come here! You are welcome. The smaller portion will recuperate with his sister's help. How is it help if she comes and you have to also care for her? I wish I was there, am a workaholic type and would have your bulbs planted, your garden weeded, your house cleaned and then we'd be off on some vacation, funded by......um, haven't worked out that part.

  32. --I shall be thinking of you & I shall miss you.

    You are beautifull loopy. This is what keeps you going.

    Are you on Facebook? xxx

  33. Oh girl, your addicted to bloomers as bad as I am. I've named it OCFD...(Obsessive Compulsive Flower Disorder). It's an illness I tell ya.

    Know I'll be prayin' that everything goes smoothly from the surgery to the bulb plantin'. Please, please accept the help you've call for. Your only human girl.

    I wanted to pop in and thank ya for hoppin' on my blog, I sure hope ya enjoy the ride.

    God bless and yep...ya need to take a blog break, we'll be here when ya get back sweetie!!! :o)

  34. What on earth have you let yourself in for? You are completely off your trolley.

    This all sounds nightmareish and having to slog for an additional visitor who is coming 'as a favour', are you mad? If somebody comes to visit while TSP is sick and you're in the wars, then they had better roll up their sleeves.

    Are you really going to scrub your house beforehand? Surely not!

  35. the sister THINKS she is coming to help, yet her visit is a hindrance unless YOU and The Patient realise that she will love to clean and dust and spray Febreeze around.
    I know this because I am just like her.
    so don't touch a thing. let her be thrilled to make a huge contrast and sail away feel self satisfied that she has Helped You Be Tidy too.

    Yes, Horticultural Pronography 'GARDENS Illustrated' be thy name. My special bulbs order is yet to be planted and everyone knows St Patricks day is the deadline. Then again, I don't have 400 so mine are in the vegetable crisper in the frig and the better for it.
    Years ago I read Portrait Of A Marriage about Vita Sackville-West and was gobsmacked by the line
    "our 5000 bulbs arrived and we planted them".
    Possibly had 16 gardeners not mentioned.
    wishing you only good outcomes all round. X X

  36. Blessed with copious work. Good luck, and be well.

  37. Oh My Goodness, a full load ahead for you for sure. Hope they don't reschedule Smaller Portions op (I was thinking it was originally this week?). I wonder why his sister is arriving before the op when you said when he got home? Do people really not listen? My advice is that, it is your house, she needs to accept it how it is. Okay, shampooing the carpet (naughty, naughty Jazz!!!) and cleaning that room - well fair enough, you want a nice room where she can sleep. But the rest - leave it as it is. And why can she not help with the cooking - she is after all not on holiday but helping her brother post op, keeping his spirits up and the like.

    Best of luck my friend. xxx

  38. How many bulbs did you say you ordered?!

    It is the universal problem: before the "Merry Maids" come to clean the house, the woman has to work for days picking up and pre-cleaning. Kinda counter-active?

  39. Been hanging on for a few days hoping for an update, but I'm wishing you well.

  40. I'm with Kakka--it's brutally unfair on you to expect you to turn your house into a Martha Stewart special when you have problems of your own, no less. And I too think it's fine to ask sis to pitch in. Isn't that what she's there for? She can't be coming for a vacation. You have limitations and need help too. Someone else's housecleaning standards cannot be made yours, especially when you have physical limitations. It's not the same as it is for other people. At any rate, as you know, you'll be on my mind a lot this week. Wishing you the best luck possible.

  41. I'm not the tidiest person around. In fact, my sister years ago back in my younger years, asked my mother if she could have her own room because she found me too untidy. I have to smile now, I still would much rather find other exciting things to do rather than see to the dust. I do hope all goes well with the op and sister's visit. You'll have a lot on your plate but I agree with the other comments, I wouldn't tire myself out preparing for her visit. You'll have enough to contend with. If she feels the need to live in a tidy house, just hand her the vacuum cleaner and dusters, my penny's worth :)

  42. I have been eyeing off a carpet washer in the el'cheapo Sams Warehouse shop and pondering it's effectivness against the rentable carpet shampooer at the local supermarket - I am so torn - ideally I feel like I should be down on knees with a sponge in some kind of act of repairation (sp?)


    darn cats

  43. oh dear, i hope everything is going as well beyond as well as can be expected!! i can so relate to the lack of dusting and the odd piddling, but the chaos that might be my home always reminds me of one of my favourite quotes "any kind of idiot can live in order, only a true genius master chaos";) and of course "a clean home is a sign of a wasted life", which i find often applies to so called "house proud" people. they may be nice and kind, but rarely the kind of people i like to hang with (and yes, i have relatives who are like that).

    and actually, the madness with the tulips and the other bulbs, they may prove the perfect distraction from all the other things in your life at the moment. as garden work often tends to be. warm thoughts your way!

  44. Oh dear. Sounds like you've got way too much on. I'm admiring your lovely daffodil shots and your cats. It's a beautiful garden. No wonder the birds love it so. Good luck with getting the bulbs in!