Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Monday, 7 November 2011

The week that was

The feelings of inadequacy are moving off centre stage in my head.  They are still present, but as a bit player.  And I don't think they ever completely leave me, so I can probably cope with them in the wings as it were.

I have swum more, probably about 2.5 kilometres last week (over two sessions).  Thanks to DJan I am still working on the kick while breathing caper.  Harder than it sounds.  Drat it.  Given their druthers my legs would simply come along for the ride and let my arms do everything.  So I take along a kickboard and one lap in ten is just kicking.

I went to the dentist.  Firstly because I was due to have a check up, and secondly because I have been having significant shooting pains in my mouth.  The pain can come on either side of my mouth and doesn't seem to be triggered by anything in particular.  The result of the dentist visit was a very mixed blessing.  My teeth are all fine, and she took x-rays to ensure that there was nothing untoward happening out of sight.  Sadly, this means the pain is neurological.  I never thought that I would see the day where I was hoping for the dentist to find a decayed tooth or teeth.

I have finally made contact with the farmer that I was to talk to as part of the MS Peer Support Program.  He is doing it tough at the moment and for the next little while I will be talking to him each week, making sure that he is OK and just touching base.

I did a Lifeline shift last week and deserve brownie points for not telling one of our callers that he had behaved like a complete prat and was reaping what he had sown.  And yet more brownie points because I saved my laughter till the call had ended.  The poor possum had behaved badly for a number of years, was found out through his own carelessness and was appalled at being called to account for his actions.  Though I can't really climb too far up the path to the moral high ground myself without risking a fall.  The rest of the shift was the usual mixture of grief and pain.

On Friday I went to an exercise class at the local MS centre.  While I am a member there I try and avoid the place because I want my life to be about more than MS.   A lot more.  The class they were offering meets my needs though.  It is designed with people with MS in mind, is relatively gentle, and should improve both strength and flexibility.  And it was cheap.  There were only two of us participating which meant that I got all the attention (and then some) that I needed.  Sadly the other participant is showing strong signs of wishing to stick to me closer than glue.  Being moderately antisocial I am not happy about this.  Time will tell.

We have planted the Sumo Liliums, Calla Lilies, Columbine, Hollyhock and Sea Hollies  I ordered.  It is expected to rain gently for the next few days which will be good for them and also for the dahlias currently sitting in a box on the kitchen floor.  Or it will be good for the dahlias when I get around to putting them into the ground.  I have weeded.  More required.

The smaller portion bought me a book of logic problems so that I am compelled to exercise my brain.  I am currently reading 'The Chocolate Wars - from Cadbury to Kraft; 200 years of Sweet Success and Bitter Rivalries' and 'The Brides Farewell'.  I usually have a novel and a biography of some sort on the go at any one time.  The novel for reading in bed.  I cannot go to sleep without reading at least a little.  Paperbacks only.  Hardbacks hurt when they fall onto my face. 

It was a busy week, and probably too busy because I feel a little like chewed string, but I did at least get quite a lot done.  Not forgetting taking time out to watch the birds.


  1. I'm relatively anti-social, too, so I hear ya re the sticking to you like glue. Smile and nod and drift away, make your own pace and keep going.
    Love the birdies, as always! :)

  2. Jayne: Thanks. Smile and drift sounds good to me.

  3. You're really doing it tough at the moment...but it sounds like you are doing a great deal, too. Take good care of yourself first!!

  4. You do so much!
    I go to work and back and that's about all I can manage.
    I love the white cocky, I've never seen one before. Are there more of them?

  5. I hereby award you the Brownie points you so obviously deserve. (There's always one, of course!)

    Hope the pains clear up soon.

  6. Never was much of a joiner myself so I hear you with the clingy one.

  7. That's one busy week, no wonder you feel like 'chewed string' (LOVE that description).

    I'm a tad anti-social too, but surely just starting off with a description of your week would be a good enough excuse to beg off any additional (and unwanted) interaction?

  8. It's funny about the not kicking when I breathe. I've fixed that problem but still am having to concentrate on it, it doesn't come naturally at all.

    Those shooting pains sound just awful. I had a crown that gave me those until it finally settled down, it took almost a year! I think it sounds like you are doing quite a lot and I do hope Miss Sticky lightens up a bit. Love, love, LOVE your bird shots.

  9. :-) To be heard by someone listening. Do they know what a gift that is?!

    Funny you read a book about chocolate. I read The Emporers of Chocolate not long ago (Hersheys and Mars, in the U.S.) Don't care for either one of them myself, but didn't know the story about struggle to make a chocolate that wouldn't melt so easily...

    Your American Cousin :-),


  10. Hi EC,

    A busy week indeed - including dentist pain.

    My dentist pain is tomorrow.




  11. Christine: Thanks. The birds, the books, the garden and the pool are things to look after me.

    River: The difference is that I don't do any paid work anymore. If I did, that would be about it for me too. There are lots more photos of cockatoos and of corellas. I am thinking about doing a bird a week for a while in Sunday Selections.

    Dave: Thank for for my brownie point. I will wear it with pride.

    mybabyjohn/Delores: I feel a bit mean, and I do know where she is coming from, but ....

    Kath: Thanks. I don't think velcro woman takes hints easily.

    DJan: Thanks. Watch this space for more birds. And I am hoping that the kicking becomes second nature soon. If I stop thinking about it, it stops happening at the moment.

    Cousin Pearl: Thanks. You are a world champion listener yourself. My book touches on Hershey and Mars' early history too. And Lindt and Rowntree. I had no idea that many of the early chocolatiers were Quakers.

    PM: Good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.

  12. I reckon some poeple need to be told they are acting like a prat and an idiot for their own good i've done this many times with a good result. Bonza photos too :-).

  13. Brownie points richly deserved with extra chocolate and nuts (though the dentist wouldn't like that.)

  14. Elephant's Child, it is so good to 'meet' you! :) And I'm so with you and the swimming thing. My legs, too, think they should take a much-deserved rest.
    And hoping to find a decayed tooth is definitely a first, but totally understandable.
    Brownie points definitely deserved, in chocolate!
    I am officially envious of your planting. Our temperatures are hovering around -11, so gardening is a distant rosy dream right now.
    I love the pictures of the birds! I have seeds out, and managed to attract two blue jays. And chickadees, which I totally love. They are such cheerful, happy little guys.
    Good luck with your cling-on.
    And, for chewed string, you certainly managed to lift my spirits.
    Thank you so much!
    Your new friend from the frozen north.

  15. It all sounds very stressful to me and I love your chewed string analogy. I don't know how you do it all. Whenever I am feeling a bit whiney and sorry for myself all I need to do is read your blog and it gives me the psychological kick up the ass I so badly need.

    The birds are beautiful, hopefully the healing and calming power of nature went some way to help.

  16. Windsmoke: Thanks. People close to my prat were telling him rather a lot of things for his own good (in much less complimentary terms). And it is not the Lifeline way to 'tell' people that they are behaving like idiots. Which I sometimes find difficult.

    Mitzi: Since the dentist is currently very happy with me I am sure she would allow me some chocolate.

    Diane: Thank you and welcome. Chickadees and Blue Jays sound incredibly exotic to me. And yes, the birds, the cats, the garden are all much needed calming influences

    Angela: Thankyou. I am a firm believer in 'give us this day our daily whinge'. It is sometimes essential if we are to go on. And yes, the birds are a never ending joy and appear on most of my posts.

  17. Never forget to take "time out to watch the birds". Wish I had yours to watch, though I do love mine.

  18. Ron Dudley: Welcome. We will just have to share our birds, though I am not a fraction of the photographer that you are.

  19. although i'm quite social, when i'm doing a little personal improvement, or self-restoration, the last thing i want is a Stage V Klingon... understand that response completely.

    sounds like a very busy week! glad you found time for the birds - they are delightful!

  20. daisyfae: Love your description of my new friend. I have had an email today listing some fun things we can do together.

    And yes, it was busy. And I left out a meeting. This week is not lookinng quite so manic. Yet.

  21. I hope the docs can help you keep the pain under control.

    Fabulous bird shots!

  22. Wonderful post. so full of life and truth. When you admitted your were moderately anti-social,I let out a big sigh of relief. And it appears many others are too.

    And how busy you are. You inspire me to get off my bum and go do something for someone else. Thanks for your refreshing hugs of truth.

  23. barbfroman: Thank you. I must admit to a slight blurring of the truth. I am quite (not moderately) anti social.

  24. sometimes dental pain is sinus?
    sympathy from me though.

    and those delightful birds in your gorgeous photos - cockie in the cactus and sleeping galahs - a joy.
    X X X annie o'd

  25. Annie O'D: Thanks. Sinuses checked. Sinuses clear. Dammit. Dread disease it is. The cockies rip the cactus apart regularly - and I still love to see them

  26. Dear EC - it's good to catch up with you after being away from the Blogger and learn that things are getting better and not worse! Or perhaps the weight of the load is the same but things are simply shifting around to a more comfortable arrangement? You have such a faithful supportive following, I feel less guilty for my absence. I hope you know even if I am not leaving comments that you are always in my thoughts. The way you live your life and present it to us here is an inspiration. All the best to you!

  27. 'Being moderately antisocial I am not happy about this' - me too, probably more than moderately too, so I empathise and so admire what you're doing. If it helps you as well as others all the better, though it's not easy at all by the sounds of it.

  28. Two Tigers: You are so busy at the moment guilt should not enter your thoughts. I suspect that you are right and I am just dealing with what is on my plate a little better at the moment. And thank you. Lots.

    All Consuming: Thanks. There does seem to be a lot of us anti social beings playing with blogger - the social contact we can deal with?

  29. Support you all the way!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  30. Is the neurological pain connected with MS and do you have any idea what might become of it?

  31. Cloudia: Thanks.

    Snowbrush: The neurological pain is almost certainly connected with MS, and joins pain in a raft of other places (arms, legs, hands, feet, face). I am currently taking far too much medication which is just taking the edge of the pain. As you know, this isn't enough. Not really certain what the next step is - back to the neurologist as a starting point I guess. And the waiting period to get in to see him at the moments is months.

  32. I got a TENS unit yesterday, and am wondering if they're of any help with MS. I'm also on Cymbalta, and am smoking a lot of pot, but I've finally been able to cut way back on the narcotics, sleeping pills, anti-inflammatories, and Neurontin.

    I wish I had some good ideas about what might help your pain, but I'm pretty much clueless about MS... Is there anything I can help you research or something?

  33. Snowbrush: Thank you so much. I tried a TENS machine some years back and it seemed to stir up the pain rather than alleviate it. As I have whinged on your blog, pot makes me sick (smoked or eaten) so that one is out. I am currently on Lyrica, Epilim, Baclofen and Betaferon (which is injected). In the past swimming has helped but it isn't at the moment. I think I may have to ride this one out. Dammit. Give us this day our daily whinge.

  34. Spectacular bird photos, once again!

    I enjoyed reading your health update. Sorry about the nerve pain in the mouth...my aunt had MS and I show many symptoms, so it is helful to know what to keep an eye out for.

  35. Spectra: You might have noticed that the birds are one of my obsessions. I don't know how much time I spend each day delighting in them.

    I really hope you don't join the MS club. It is fairly sucky. And the symptoms are so varied - not only from person to person, but also from day to day. Sigh.

  36. The birds there are unbelievable, in color. I love color. We have not many birds where I live, mostly crows, starlings, mourning doves and Scrub jays. So your colorful birds are exciting to see.

  37. Strayer: We are so lucky in the birds that we see regularly. Most of them are NOT musical, but a delight for the eye.

  38. a busy week, however overly busy can be a rest for the mind, i feel. keeping those bad thoughts from taking up too much space. although i wouldn't want every week to be completely booked and busy, it's good to being able to take it easy and just do lovely things only on a regularly basis. and yes, i'm all with you on the moderately social bit:)

    birdies are gorgeous as always! how are the cats reacting to them?

  39. Pia K: The cats, in true cat fashion, want the birds. Badly.