Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Thursday, 28 March 2019


First and foremost, thank you so much for the messages of support in my absence.  I have missed you, and hope life has been treating you kindly. 

Not a lot has changed since I last posted.  Sadly I think the signs point to the dread disease having progressed.  If that is the case (and I have an appointment with a neurologist at the end of May) I will need to adapt to a new normal.  And adapt I will.  

My heart aches for those affected by the latest terrorist atrocity in New Zealand (and as an aside I have been super impressed at the response of their Prime Minister).

Doom and gloom and personal whinging aside, life continues.  This month is festival month in my city.  I managed to get to both Enlighten and the balloon spectacular and took a myriad of photos of both.

The next few days will be busy but I hope/expect to post again on Sunday.  I am really looking forward to reading your blogs again too.

I have yet again turned comments off for this post and will turn them back on when I can respond on a more regular basis.