Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Friday 11 February 2011

Feed the Birds Tuppence (I wish) a Bag


  1. What beautiful pictures!

    I thought of you this morning - I went swimming at the local pool (a place I didn't even know existed until last week) - first time in over five years. LOVED it.

    Ate my body weight in food afterwards though.....

  2. All of these birds honoured us by coming to visit, though some (like the Superb Parrot) were not supposed to be anywhere near us. Not certain how the blue cocky got covered in dye and have only seen him the once.

    Swimming is about the only exercise I can face. And it is surprisingly enjoyable. And also makes a person VERY hungry.

  3. Parrots! you've got 'em!
    That cocky is not 'covered in blue dye' - look again - it's his feather colour.
    Amazing that it might be a hybrid with a crimson rosella. My farmer friend has a cocky-corella hybrid (in a very large cage with several rescue birds including the parents) and the vet said it's unusual it survived.
    Thanks for sharing the joy.

  4. If you are right and the cocky's colour is its own I am so grateful. I was imagining malevolent cocky-haters at work. Like one of our neighbours who rushed across our lawn belting a metal garbage tin lid to scare them off. And it worked for a few minutes. Somewhere I also have photos of a white galah, but couldn't track them down this morning.

  5. El Chi - you don't have your email on your Profile. I do.

    when I read this in your comments
    Elisabeth said...
    I take it Elephant's Child your other name is Sue. At least that''s how Christina addresses you. And so, if it's okay, I too will call you, Sue"

    I remembered that I stopped commenting at her blog because after every one she insisted on publishing my real name. sheesh.