Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Friday 18 February 2011

Whinge, moan, complain

I suspect this is going to be a self indulgent whinge so if you are not up to reading same, exit now.

This has (mostly) been a less than wonderous week.  My body is behaving badly and getting up and down (think chairs, bed and dammit the loo) is challenging.  It also hurts.

So I went swimming on Tuesday - which almost always helps.  I swam hard and fast (for me) and managed nearly 1.25 ks.  Came home and felt like death on a stick.  My daggy curtains are offending me so I sewed the side seams on one of the four lengths.  Went to bed.

Wednesday:  Rotten nights sleep.  Got up by Jazz a little after five.  Go to the loo.  Get stuck.  Say a few words.  Lever self up.  Because I am stupid I did a little weeding - only the weeds I could reach from a standing position.  Sewed the side seams of another curtain length.  Telemarketing calls from 'computer solutions'.  Two calls despite being on the do not call register.  Humph.

Thursday:  A woman from the MS centre calls and despite trying to be helpful left me depressed.  She was essentially suggesting that going onto some form of benefit through Centrelink was a good idea and that I should resign myself to being able to do less.  Dammit.  Sewed another curtain length.  Same telemarketers call again.  Three times.

Friday:  Weeded. Came inside and was quietly reading the paper.  Jazz leapt at me, fanged my knee and gouged my calf and ankle.  No idea what that was about.  He came down to investigate while I applied disinfectant and was fascinated.   Went to lunch with smaller portion, two sisters in law and favourite brother as middle brother is overseas being important.   Mushroom lasagne.  Yum.  Then I remembered why I dislike favourite brother's wife.  She was asserting that women of a certain age have no higher calling than being a grandmother.  I am childless.  Through discipline and will power she has lost 10 kilos.  I have neither and am overweight.  She has sewed curtains for eight or ten homes (she forgets) and people always admire them.  So my lasagne sat like lead in my belly and I came home feeling inadequate.  And sewed the final curtain length.

With luck tomorrow I will not be feeling so sore or so useless and will finish the damn curtains.

On a small high.  I just went to the loo and Jewel joined me purring in ecstasy.  Not hygienic but it had charm.  She is now in the kitchen playing with her favourite toy - an acorn shell.  She has many toys but in acorn season last year she trotted across the road, picked up an acorn and brought it home.  She tosses it round in the kitchen because she likes the noise or, on energetic days, ricochets it round the bathroom.  She has taught Jazz the joys of acorn as well but he plays rough and often breaks them.  It is just as well that acorn season is nearly upon us, because we are down to the last four or five.


  1. Brother's wife is an insecure braggart.

    You, on the other hand, are achieving feats of strength, endurance and determination many, many times a day. You're the one I want to know more about, read about, blog hog, not her.

    And the small weeds? Let 'em live!

  2. How sweet, a cat that fetches its own acorns to play with.
    I agree with Kath that you have amazing strength, keeping going the way you do. (I don't know much about MS).
    Why not accept an allowance from Centrelink? If you're entitled, as I think you are, then every little bit helps, I say.

  3. Thank you both megaheaps. While I dislike brothers wife, many people take her at her own estimation and like her lots. Who is to say which of us is right. In another triumph after the smaller portion had been playing on the PC he went to bed. I, wakeful, decided to log back on. It would not boot up. Several many hours later I have achieved success. A small victory but my own. Jewel still playing acorn.

  4. BTW, I like your cats - I hope you’re not superstitious or you’d never be able to get out of your chair what with all that crossing of paths stuff. Pretty kitties!

  5. I can see why Jazz is called as he is, and Jewel as she is. Unpredictable and precious, in their turns.

    Good luck with the curtains! The worst thing about Centrelink is Centrelink. I always hated anything to do with them, they were never very helpful when I was a single parent with an ailing child.

  6. Yes, get on a Centrelink list now, it will help when you really need them later and make woman from MS do it for you or give you a letter. Having a history does help.
    Get a toilet extension seat, it adds at least 3 to 4 inches to the height.
    Contact the council and have them put a hand rail near the toilet. That's if your council has a handyman service.
    I had my knees replaced before I was 50 and I know about getting off crummy low toilets.

  7. Gosh, sister-in-law sounds painful! Hope next week is better x