Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Sunday 13 February 2011


Why did no-one tell me that blogging was going to be addictive?

I was already spending significant amounts of time exploring, and now I seem to have an excuse for spending more time in the blogosphere.  And I am continually awed and amazed by the calibre of blogs to be found.  Is blogging to become my newest obsession to join reading, gardening, the cats, cooking and, and, and...

Am I the only person out there who attempts to reason with cats?  And, needless to say fails.

And why do our two cats behave like four cats?

Jazz likes to sit in my chair.  If I attempt to move him he bites.  Hard.  Purring loudly.  He also likes to sit in the smaller portions chair.  If the S.P attempts to move him, he purrs and moves over.  He does not swing from himself's behind.  Nor does he chase him through the house swatting and spiking.  But purring.  Nor does he rake him under the bedclothes.

Jewel will not sit in himself's lap.  She loves mine, particularly if I am on the phone.  She comes if himself calls her, and treats me with ignore.  Jazz comes in when he is damn well ready.

Both of them recline in nests they have made in our wardrobe.  We cannot keep them out, and any clothing we extract to wear has a patina of black fur.  The doors are sliding ones, and Jazz is strong enough to open them.  I have tried wedging the door shut but he just worked harder.

Why do I never learn?

In common with many people with MS, heat and fatigue are big issues.  So this morning, after going to the Farmer's Market (bread, chocolate, apples and flowers) I decided to sweep the back deck.  And weed.  Four big bags of weeds later the perspiration was pouring off my face and I felt sick.  For an intelligent person I am, at best, a slow learner.

My fine motor control is shot.  Do I accept that?  Do I hell.  The photos above are tapestries/embroideries I took on to show my hands who was boss.  They are.  I swim to show my legs (which come along for the ride) who is boss.  They are.

And, an unrelated question which I feel sure someone knows the answer to.  For how long should a past person be referred to as the late? 


  1. Your question: only to people who may not yet know of the passing of 'the late'.
    The kitties: magnificent and forgiven all trangression.
    The tapestries: magnificent too. I cannot believe them. too gorgeous. To anybody who has never started a tapestry - there are thousands of incomplete ones out of sight in the homes of the less dedicated. Always in opshops. It is a triumph to complete one. Two ? Bravo.

    we can see you in the mirror. to crop a photo, click on it to highlight, then go to to 'File' and down to 'Open with' choose Microsoft 2010
    (avoid bloody Picasa)
    when it opens, choose 'Picture and then 'crop' from the drop-down list

    When I first started blogging in 2005, the wonderful Boynton told me how to do a link url.
    I think of that every time I do. Maybe you will think of me every time you crop a picture.

  2. I agree with Miss O'Dyne, fabulous work and I'm one of those crafty types who know their limitations and doing one of those is at the top of the list.

    My cat is reclining on my snow white and mauve doona cover, joy, I get to whisk the brush over to get the hair balls before I take a turn on the bed.

  3. Thank you both. And the crop a photo hint will be invaluable and I will certainly think of you with gratitude. Next question: how do I do a link url. I am not technically adept. Ignorant is probably the best description. Ignorant but willing to learn.

  4. Awwww, I like it when people unconsciously appear in their own photos.

    A link to an URL can be made by copying the URL in the bar at the top of the screen, then just above your post writing there's a row of buttons, one of which looks like a chainlink, and the one next to it is like a broken chainlink. The first is to link to an url and the second to unlink. Just select the text you want to make a link, then click the link button and paste in the (complete) url address. Presto!

    I think your cats are playing you hard, with tough love, trying to treat you like someone without MS. Would you rather they sucked up to you? Do they know when you're having a bad day? Mine seem to, maybe it's the weepiness.

    I constantly refer to people as 'late' if they're dead. Otherwise people think that they are exes or lost or something. It's a handy term, without a use-by date, I think. Others may disagree.

    (WV = unwaric, in which state Jazz seems to catch you constantly :) )

  5. Thank you. Another helpful thing.

    The fact that the cats don't play 'suck skills for 'success' is part of their charm. And yes, on really bad days when my eyes are leaky and I just don't want to play they are pretty good. And very little is nicer than stroking a purring cat.

  6. Whoah - your cats are both gorgeous and should instantly be forgiven for everything (and me a dog person!)

    Those tapestries - I thought they were paintings - you ARE the mistress of your clever hands!

    And blogging - utterly, deliciously and hilariously addictive. Every damn day I'm amazed and impressed and privileged to read some top notch observations, opinions, rants and humour in cyberspace. It reminds me of an old (Fleetwood Mac?) song about people singing in the shower 'turning music into gold' - bloggers are like that with writing.

  7. If you read the books of Mr McCall-Smith (that being The Number One Ladies Detective Agency), then anybody who has passed on is referred to as "The Late".

    I kinda like it that way. Meaning you use "The Late" forever.

    Oh, and I too live with 2 black cats. Yours actually sit with / on you? Crikey, mine won't tolerate that for a moment. Pest (as one is called) tries to dig himself out when he's had enough of being put "to bed" in the cats special room. The other one sort of goes along for the ride but is otherwise Mr Paranoid.

    Oh and I really like the tapestries :)

    Blogging can be addictive. I'm taking a break - having not written a thing for about a year. A break is good too.

  8. I wish I had known about the addictiveness of blogging too.
    Those tapestries are amazing! My mum used to do tapestry when she was alive, (today is her birthday, she would have been 85), she'd show me a book of patterns and ask me which one I'd like her to make for me, then she'd make something completely different and send it to me already framed.
    My daughter has our two cats, we never see them until dinnertime, then they disappear again.