Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Wet and Aggressive Corella challenges Magpie

Thursday 10 February 2011

Why am I not rational?

As I type, my tummy is tying itself in knots.  Why?  Because in a little while I will be heading off to do a shift at Lifeline.  Something I have done for well over ten years.  And despite this, every time the anxiety levels rise.  I have rationalised it by telling myself that if it didn't happen I would be getting blase and should leave, but nonetheless .... And this is despite the fact that I find it incredibly rewarding and endlessly interesting.  Over the years I have spoken to some amazing and aweinspiring people.  Like the woman who rings from time to time who makes my facee hurt because I have been smiling so broadly.  And others who are facing things that would have me velcroed to the carpet under my bed.  The sexual fantasy callers are another matter - LL is cheaper than the dedicated sex lines - but they get short shrift.

So I will turn my mind to more soothing things.  Our tomatoes are finally ripening.  And we have picked a myriad of cherry tomatoes, a couple of  'Bragger' (new to us but yummy) and some black russians.  The climbing spinach,  the basil (three types), and the other herbs are thriving.  A good year.

And yesterday, in addition to the king parrots we were visited by corellas (two types), sparrows, wattle-birds, cockies, galahs, rosellas, currawongs and a magenpie.  Wonderful.  A surprising number of them like apple, but they much prefer green ones so they are a fixture on the shopping list.  

Enough waffle.  I should gird my loins.


  1. I guess it's fear of the unknown? You never know who is going to be at the other end of the line...

    Dad said that high school teaching was like that for him, even after thirty years. Each lesson was like doing stand up, but for a particularly hostile crowd who did not want to be entertained (read: educated) but wanted you to fail (let 'em muck around).

  2. Good luck! Hope you get someone interesting today.

    Heh, WV = DIALO

  3. Why am I cursed with bloggers who review chocolate or can grow anything ready to eat?
    There that'll start your day right, first question.

  4. Lucky E.Child, getting King Parrots - they are SO bold. and they love almonds too.
    Those naughty corellas will eat your house when the bird food runs out.
    I used to work the phones at Centrelink which is loathed by many people who are SO inventive with their filth - I realised straight away to not mention the hate calls to the management, but they were unsettling.
    JahTeh - it's EASY to grow tomatoes - the best way is to just bury some mushy ones in a spot that gets sun all day, then wait.
    Welcome dear Elephants Child
    (- except I wish you weren't called that - just the thought of elephants makes me weep. so beautiful, and people are so awful to them in those stinking corrupt countries they come from).

  5. your gorgeous cats look like Ampy Duck's shiny black Padge (or Mr Pooter), whose picture she ran when her son put him into blue underpants and I treasure the joy of the image years later.

  6. Thank you one and all. The King parrrots here are nearly at the bottom of the pecking order - even the crimson rosellas out face them. Perhaps they are dominant to the eastern rosellas - but only perhaps. Perhaps my next post should be a bird related one. Though you have to imagine that for every bird photo there are two cats hiding behind the curtains chittering (we tend to feed the birds after we have brought the cats in for the day).

  7. Anne O'Dyne. I am sorry about the effect my name has on you - I took it from the Just So Stories rather than the beauteous animals themselves. And I agree with you. We are so rotten to so many species that I am frequently ashamed.